The Corcia Mission

My name is Daniel Corcia and I want to share my personal weight loss story with you and the millions of people who struggle with body image and weight maintenance. I want to start by saying I am not selling or promoting any products and am also not a certified trainer or health practitioner/physician. However, I do consult with a handful of clients who need help building confidence and maintaining motivation to achieve their nutritional goals.

This blog is only an account of how my life drastically improved once I started losing weight and my personal story of how I struggle with weight loss and self esteem on a daily basis. The main reason I am sharing this is to give hope to those who, like me, struggle with being overweight.

I’ve tried just about every ‘miracle’ diet or product promising fast and easy results yet nothing has ever worked or targeted the root of my problem. I felt hopeless and frustrated.  Each time a diet didn’t deliver, I would tell myself “Danny Corcia you’re a failure.”  But I have come to find something that works for me and want to share my story in hope that by doing so, others like me will be motivated, inspired and know that change is possible. I am not endorsing this program be followed – consult your doctor or health care practitioner before starting any new diet or regimen.

Thank you to all the readers for allowing me to express myself – I wish you all luck, health, happiness and success.

Yours truly & God Bless,

Daniel “Danny” Corcia